Onto Virginia for some more mountains and adventures. We had a quick pit stop in Fort Chiswell. A bit in the middle of nowhere but we happened to find a wonderful winery to visit and some good Mexican food while there. Next stop was Winchester, VA. The focus of this stop was to check out some caverns and the infamous Skyline Drive. And that is just what we did. We opted for the Luray Caverns of the many to check out in this area. The formations were so incredible and some of the most grand we have seen. We found some scrumptious BBQ in Luray as well – just a guy and his food truck. Learned that tri-tip was amazing (and served cold on a sandwich for those who may not know – like me). And words can’t even begin to explain the Skyline drive. So many views, so much beauty. We were just in awe and the mountains and valleys and nature intertwined with it all just never gets old. While we didn’t get to venture off on any hikes while on the drive, it was amazing. Would surely love to go back to do more hiking and check out the beauty real first-hand in the Shenandoah National Park. Oh and we learned what an Earwig was on this trip. Not sure what is worse – the Stink bugs in TN or the Earwigs in VA.