We are Minnesota natives looking to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, simplify life and explore the country with our fur babies. After 10 years of marriage we figured why not take the leap…we really love spending time together, we want to travel more than we have to date, we are so over Minnesota Winters, and we’ve been inspired to live a more minimalist life. So taking to the road fulltime in an RV is our current adventure. We hope to take you along with us for our journey.


Driver & Tech Expert

A motorcycle mechanic by trade and a learner of all things…makes for a perfect partner for fulltime RV life. Our go-to handy man, mechanic, website admin, IT network admin and designated driver of ‘Big Alice’…we could not do this adventure without him. With an innate ability to see how to fix things and do things better or easier, we will surely be leveraging his skills on this journey.


Navigation & Logistics

Our journey is not all vacation time…working as a Product Owner at Boston Scientific is her fulltime gig. Outside of work she is learning how to be a better navigator for Nick & ‘Big Alice’…mapping out our journey and building itineraries to ensure we make the most of this opportunity.


Head Pet

Baloo is our first ‘born’ fur baby. He is 14 years old and was a rescue from the Humane Society. Baloo loves to snuggle, roll around in gravel and chill outside. Oh, and he loves food!


Master of Naps

After having Baloo a few years who was only attached to Nick, we needed a second cat to love up on Tonia. Along came Parker. He is 9 years old and a Humane society rescue. Parker goes to the beat of his own drum, likes to keep to himself, but is a closet snuggler at heart.


Head of Security

Meet Leonidas the German Shepherd. He is coming up on 7 years old and was a rescue from a local farm. He naturally is our family protector, but is the most loving, social, gentle puppy out there. He brings joy to everyone who encounters him.