After 10 months of our nomadic life, we exercised one of the many benefits of this lifestyle — we decided to make a major pivot in our plans. It was important to us to head back to MN early and skip our PA and NY plans. So we figured out the best route back home from Virginia. We spent an overnight stay in Ohio at a great Harvest Host spot at a Greenhouse farm. We then made it to Champaign, IL. We really lucked out with a great stop for this stretch. Nice little campground on a small lake with beautiful sunsets over the farm fields. Sure was different to be back on flat land again after all our mountains. Then onto another Harvest Host stay in Wisconsin at a family farm. This stay was super fun as we met a cool couple from California and had a lovely evening with cocktails enjoying the sunset across the farm fields. It is truly amazing the people you meet and stories you learn about while traveling.