We skipped St. Louis on the way South in year one, so wanted to be sure to hit it up this time around. We only spent a week here so had to pack it in quickly.  Our two key points of interest were the Arch and the Zoo. A friend told me this was the best zoo in the country so we had to check it out. It did not disappoint. The habitats were amazing and we saw so many more species than I feel we have at other zoos. Definitely at the top of the list along side the Nashville zoo for us. And the Arch. I mean from a distance it doesn’t seem like anything overly grand. But when you get up close and personal with this structure it is pure work of art. Learning the history of it all was pretty cool and the engineering that went into the design is incredible. We were a little nervous about the small enclosed ride up to the top and our fear of heights made us a bit apprehensive, but we pushed through. The ride up and down wasn’t too bad, but we were not prepared for the sway while hanging out at the top looking out the small windows at the views. Totally worth the trip. Was a super cool experience. We also did some ventures into St. Charles where we were staying, including their Octoberfest. So glad we put this stop on the list this year.