We were excited to check out San Antonio again. We had visited briefly while we lived in Austin in 2013-14.  It wouldn’t be a complete visit without a wander along the Riverwalk. We hit it up on Cinco de Mayo. Enjoyed the beautiful walk and a few stops for beverages and food. Also ventured through the Alamo, always a sight to be seen. We also checked out an amazing spot that Nick’s dad told us about from seeing on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives,  La Panaderia. It was amazing. Would want to try everything on the menu if we could. We also enjoyed a visit to the Japanese Tea Garden. The beauty and serenity here could never get old. During this venture we found an eclectic little bar, the Bombay Bicycle Club for a tasty drink. We didn’t get to Sea World while in Florida, so we checked out the Sea World in San Antonio. What a treat. They had their food festival going on so got to try lot’s of different food and drink while we enjoyed the park. Inspired by the Mexican food in San Antonio, Nick tried his hand at making home-made empanadas. So yummy. It was definitely Spring storm season in Texas. We had a close call with tornadoes and crazy thunderstorms. So thankful for our safety during this time. Oh and did I mentioned the daily sightings of snakes at our park? Way too frequent for my taste, but at least the scorpion siting was just on our last day as we were cleaning up our site. Who knows how many we didn’t realize were around. lol. We really do love this area, so much great good, drink and culture.