Back to MN for the Summer. The best time of year here. Beautiful weather (when storms aren’t coming through) and time with friends and family. The Summer was a bit hectic as we had done a lot of thinking about this lifestyle for us over the last year and some key things were missing for us to really live our best lives while on the road. We determined upgrading the RV to a Momentum Toy Hauler would meet more of our needs. So this process consumed our time for most of the Summer. Who knew moving from one RV to another would be so much work. Thank goodness for our good friend Brenda who helped us on moving day. And we also proved all the ‘Covid purchase’ rumors true – we had many a issue with the rig from the start – oh and want to get warranty work done – yep – good luck. Not happening. While it was the right move for us, it really put us through the ringer to make it happen. One of the big reasons for the change in rig was to get a residential reclining couch into our RV home. This was a must for our family. And it was a must to get in place before Nick had his oral surgery so he could have a comfortable place to recover.  After 3 rounds of furniture fails and a month later, we finally got our couch into the RV. But besides the stressful times with the new rig and Nick’s surgery, we were truly blessed to have so many great moments with friends and family. From the volleyball crew to the Aitkin class reunion to the Karpen Summer party to 4th of July in Forest Lake to time in Stillwater with the fam to dinner with work friends to visiting dad’s cross…our hearts were so full seeing all the ones we love and care for. Since we were ‘boondocking’ for most of the Summer I also learned how fun it is pump the sewer into the homestead’s septic tank. Nick got to purchase his smoker so we enjoyed lots of smoked meat from pork to ribs to salmon. We did some cruising in a corvette and an old Cadillac. Oh and ended the Summer with a lady sideswiping Nick while he was towing the RV. So that was fun but thankfully no one was hurt and damage is totally fixable. So hitting the road south again in September, but it truly was a beautiful Summer in MN.