Texas - AOK Camper Ranch

A Quick Stop for The Night

On our way from Colorado to South Carolina, which is an extremely long drive when you’re trying to do it back and forth in a week, we made our first stop at a small RV park on the east side of Amarillo, Texas.  Greg had driven most of the day, through the mountains of Colorado.  I had only given him an hour reprieve in Texas, but I’m just not as comfortable driving Miss. Reba as he is, and the winds really started to get bad.  So, it was late, and we needed to stop for the night.  We weren’t looking to spend a ton of money and had been told by another RV friend that there was a quiet and cheap little RV park called the AOK Camper Park in Amarillo.  So, we decided we would check it out.


I called ahead and was told we could just pull in and pick a site.  When we arrived it was dark, and we had a hard time finding the late-night check-in box, but eventually found it on the backside of the office.  The prices were $28 a night, or $14 if you have Passport America.  They only take cash or checks.  I wrote a check and slipped it into the box.  We then started searching for a site.  Unfortunately, this isn’t your 5-star rated park, so there is no map or brochure, and it isn't well lit.  You just have to find your way around, which is a little difficult at night, but manageable.  We found a spot, hooked-up and went to bed.

In the morning, as Greg was unhooking, I took Axel for a walk around the park.  You could tell there were some long-term guests staying there, and they didn’t really have the cleanest sites, but it was a quiet morning.  The sunrise was beautiful, and as we walked towards the rising sun, an ostrich and pair of alpacas popped into our view.  They were behind a small fence along the back border of the park, and we stood for awhile watching them.  The kids came over and enjoyed the animals, and then we headed back to the RV.  There were kitten running around the park, which Axel and the kids enjoyed.  Greg was done unhooking, and we headed out for another long day of driving.


All in all, it was a quiet and cheap stay.  We aren’t fussy when it comes to RV parks as long as safety isn’t an issue.  If you want a RV park with tons of amenities and that is top notch, the AOK Camper Park is not your place to stay.  But, if you’re okay with a short stay for a great price, then check out the AOK Camper Park.  It was quiet and no one bothered us.  We wouldn’t stay there longer than a night, but as a one night, passing through stay, this park is comfortable and easy on the wallet.  Plus, the sunrise over the ostrich and alpacas was pretty cool! Got to love this RV life!

I am a mother and stepmother, fierce slayer of mental illness, writer and traveler. I love the constant change of the road, and the experiences it brings our family.  We have learned so much being full-time RVers, and love the freedom this lifestyle gives us.