Mississippi - Tombigbee State Park

Elvis and Tombigbee

After leaving Amarillo, Texas on our week-long journey from Colorado to South Carolina and back, we made it all the way to Mississippi before Greg needed a break.  The winds in Texas and Oklahoma were strong, and it took all of Greg’s muscles to keep us on the road.  We were at a point on our journey, on interstate 22 in Mississippi, where none of our usual ways to find campgrounds was helping out.  The stretch of road we were on had no campgrounds pulling up on our apps or in our books, so it was road signs that were going to have to lead us to a campground for the night. 

We finally saw a RV campground sign for a Tombigbee State Park, and we took the exit.  It was one of those moments where everyone was exhausted, and we didn’t care where we stayed as long as we could shower!  After we pulled off the interstate we realized we were in Tupelo, Mississippi and started seeing the signs for Elvis’ birthplace.  Even though it was getting dark, and we were tired, we couldn’t pass up seeing Elvis’ birth home, and it was on the path to the campground, so we made the stop.  We did a quick exploration of the grounds and home, which was pretty awesome to see, and then hopped back in the RV to get to the campground.


The drive to the state park was dark and the roads had lots of curves, but it was very beautiful.  We rolled the windows down and listened to the crickets and cicadas.  The hot, humid breeze held the smell of pine trees and honeysuckle.  We were back in the south!  We finally reached the campground, and the access was easy.  The signs led you straight to the campground, and we found a spot right near the showers.  This is always a big plus for us, since we don’t normally shower in our RV.


The sites had full hook-ups, and we got Miss. Reba settled and then headed for the showers.  Not only did the campground have showers in the restroom building, but there were also washers and dryers.  If you’ve camped at state or national parks, you know this is a huge plus!  The showers were typical state park showers, older and not as starkly clean as privately owned campgrounds can be, but they were large and had water, so we were happy. 

We had a nice night of peaceful sleep and woke to a beautiful morning.  As Greg unhooked Miss. Reba, I took Axel for a short walk.  Daylight reveled a large playground, and tons of water to fish, swim or boat.  As we drove out, we went slow to take in the beauty of Tombigbee State Park.  It is truly a nice place to camp, and at only $24 for full-hook ups, laundry and showers, you can’t beat it!  Plus, the stop sign on the way out of the park reminded us to “Don’t STOP Believing!”  It never hurts to be reminded to keep following your dreams!


I am a mother and stepmother, fierce slayer of mental illness, writer and traveler. I love the constant change of the road, and the experiences it brings our family.  We have learned so much being full-time RVers, and love the freedom this lifestyle gives us.