RV Mattress

Best Mattress for Your RV

When we bought our used RV it came with a very old, very springy, and very thin mattress - not good for sleeping - especially for Greg who has had three back surgeries.  So it was finally time to get a new mattress!  We asked for recommendations on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, and checked into all of the suggestions.  One of the mattresses that was recommended was from Amazon and had great reviews.  After reading reviews on the mattress, and checking it out at the local Walmart in the town we were staying in (not all Walmart stores carry), we decided to purchase.

The mattress we purchased is a Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam, 8 Inch Mattress, Queen size. It is an 8" memory foam mattress with cooling technology - a definite plus in the RV - especially when we sometimes have little ones piling into the bed with us!  Our RV has a queen size bed in it, and the queen mattress we got is a little long (most RVs require a 'short' mattress), but it still fits, and now Greg's feet don't hang off the end of the bed.  This mattress also comes with a 10 year comfort and support warranty, which is an awesome plus!  The price is now only $163 on Amazon, which is very reasonable for all the pluses the mattress is offering, and much cheaper than Walmart!

What really matters is how the mattress sleeps - especially for Greg's back - and so far it has been awesome!  It definitely keeps us cool (it is 90 degrees in South Carolina right now), and we both love the feeling of not having mattress springs in our back!  The Spa Sensations by Zinus memory foam mattress is awesome and we definitely recommend it to those looking to purchase a new mattress for their RV or even their home!  Now our only problem is getting these munchkins into their bunk beds and off our new, cozy mattress...

I am a mother and stepmother, fierce slayer of mental illness, writer and traveler. I love the constant change of the road, and the experiences it brings our family.  We have learned so much being full-time RVers, and love the freedom this lifestyle gives us.