NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island

So we are spending a week on Cape Hatteras and there has been a ton to do!  We've seen all the lighthouses, climbed Jockeys Ridge, played on the beach, rode the ferry to Ocracoke Island, explored the Lost Colony at Fort Raleigh and took flight with the Wright Brothers.  Yet, on one rainy, windy day we stumbled into the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island and we were taken aback by how much we all three enjoyed it! 

We have all been to aquariums before, but for some reason this one just hit the spot.  We all learned something, we all were enthralled by the animals and displays, and none of us could stop smiling!  When you walk into the aquarium there is this really cool TV screen that shows you walking in the entrance, but all of the sudden a sea turtle will swim past you on the screen or an alligator will slowly waddle after you!  William was captivated by this screen and spent a good amount of time watching the different animals swim around him.

We decided to watch a short move on Sailfish in their very nice theater.  A sailfish movie may sound boring, but we all learned so much!  Have you seen a baby Marlin (sailfish)?  They are so tiny and so amazing!  I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this 'biology class' movie and was so happy that William had so many questions from it!  If you are road schooling, this aquarium is a definite must if you're in the area!

From there we moved onto viewing the aquariums - I was stuck on the otters!  William was obsessed with how many turtles there were, while Greg was lost under the sea with flounder and the gang!  Halfway through there is a cool little photo opportunity and then a Sea Turtle clinic.  Then you enter a sunken ship and are swept into the ocean and under the waves to a world of sea creatures that are just mesmerizing!  I swear the lion fish were putting on a show for me!

The jelly fish room is totally psychedelic and we would have probably spent more time in here if the sharks hadn't been spotted - by Greg!  The large aquarium at the end is filled with beautiful fish and sharks with great big smiles!  William and Greg could have stayed here for the rest of the night, but we had already been in the aquarium for a couple of hours, and closing time had arrived.  So we definitely recommend getting there earlier so you don't get escorted out like us!

This aquarium definitely wins all the stars!  While it may not be the biggest aquarium, it is perfect for younger kids.  And if you are road schooling like we are, it is a great place to spark conversations about the ocean, animals and conservation!  We all loved this aquarium and were pleasantly surprised by the displays and information provided.  So the next time you're on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, hit up the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, it is worth it!

P.S (or maybe P.P.S) - The bathrooms are even cool and educational!  Every stall talks about a different animal's bowel movement!  So if you're pooping you can learn about shark or otter poop!  No need for your cell phone in there when you're taking a poo, just read about other animal's poop!

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