It started on the couch, watching some re-run of a show we like, neither of us really listening to the TV, both of us on our phones.  This had become our life - wake-up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sit on couch, talk some, interact some, get on phones and/or iPads, then go to bed.  Repeat five days a week.  On the weekends we'd get out more, but because our life had become so dull and so routine, we were tired all the time.  This wasn't living!

So there we are, on the couch.  Greg on one end, me on the other, William either playing with cars or watching his iPad, when Greg asked me to look at a pop-up camper on his phone.  He made a remark about wanting to do something like that one day, and I agreed.  After looking at the camper, I handed him back his phone and we went back to our own little worlds, but now he had planted a seed in my brain, and I looked over at him and said "Why can't we do it now?"

That is how it started.  One small picture on the internet, one great big question - and it led to months of talking, researching, watching RV shows and geeking out on all the possibilities full time RVing could bring!  We wouldn't be sitting on the couch anymore!  We'd be free to travel, see, experience...LIVE!

So that is how the adventure began, and here are the adventurers:


Peyton is an amazing six years old and lives full-time with her mother in South Carolina.  While we had joint custody of her while we lived in South Carolina, she will currently only be able to go with us during the summertime.  Peyton is beautiful, sweet and such a daddy's girl!  She loves her little brother (even though he can be a pain in her butt) and just adores animals!  If we aren't careful, we may have to attach a horse trailer to the RV for all the animals she wants to rescue - this girl cries during all animal commercials!

William is a spunky four year old boy this is all fire and energy.  He is Greg and I's only child together, and he sure got stubbornness from us both!  William wants to go to the moon one day, and is bring a telescope with us to study the stars and moon while we travel!  William loves his big sister (see adorable picture below) and can't get enough of cards, trucks or anything with wheels!  If we are careful with him, we will have another trailer hitched to the RV just to carry his car and truck collection!

Wanderlust /ˈwändərˌləst/

NOUN a strong desire to travel



The Kids

The Kids