How We Make Money on The Road

The Number One Question

We’ve found that the most asked question we get when people first hear we are full-time RVers is, “How can you afford to live on the road?”  I think most people assume it is impossible to live outside the norm of working a 9 to 5 job (or longer), and renting or owning a home.  We decided it wasn’t impossible, and it was worth all the supposed risks to take a chance to live a life of freedom and adventure.  Our goal is to inspire others to follow their greatest adventure, to create their best reality, and unfortunately, money keeps people from following their dreams and adventures. 

With the need to keep our adventure alive, we had to start thinking about money and income differently!  We don't want to work a 9 to 5 job again.  We want to be our own bosses, determine our own salaries and our own hours!  So, through research and great mentors, we figured out that MULTIPLE streams of income is the way to go!  With multiple ways money flows to us, we are safe if something happens to one of the incomes or one of us gets sick.  It's like having an insurance policy!

Multiple Streams of Income

  1. Workamping – We use and Facebook groups to find workamping positions.  We currently work at a park in Colorado.  Workamping allows RVers to work part-time in exchange for site, utilities and pay.  Every park is different, so you have to find the park that fits your needs.  We currently have to work 10 hours each a week to cover our site rent and utilities.  We also get free laundry and a 25% discount on propane and store items.  All additional hours worked are paid at our agreed upon hourly wage.  Most parks pay minimum wage for that state, but this can always be negotiated.  We love workamping because we get to put in a few hours a week (normally 20 – 25, sometimes more), and then get time to explore!  Workamping also allows us to get a steady paycheck, continue to pay towards social security and we feel like we are part of a community!  For more on Workamping, click here - RV Doing This Workamp.
  2. Digital Library/Mentoring Program – We got involved in a wonderful affiliate marketing program that allows us to sell a digital library and coaching program (that comes with millionaire mentors) and that gives us $1,000 commissions.  We just recently became a part of this program, and it has grown not only our other streams of income, but has allowed us to develop personally.  Not only do we use the product, but we can sell it too!  We’ve met some amazing people in this program, some that are also full-time RVers, and we are excited about this new venture.  If you want more information on this stream of income, email me at or send a message on any of our social media sites!  We have a couple of videos up on our YouTube channel about it as well!  
  3. eBook – I published my first eBook about a month ago!  This has been a life long dream of mine, and I am so excited to have been able to get it done.  Since we get so many questions about how we got into this lifestyle, I decided to write a short book about it!  So far it has been doing well, and within the first month has made a $100 in revenue.  With plans for more advertising and additional eBooks to be published, we see this as a great passive income!  Go check out my eBook at the following link –  - and if you have questions on how to publish your own eBook, send an email to and check out our website for a new course on this topic soon!
  4. Virtual Assistant – I’ve started my own online business that allows me to work from anywhere we are located as a Virtual Assistant.  So far, I’ve completed resumes, marketing notebooks, proofreading/editing services and more.  I offer a variety of services and so far, it has brought in enough income to justify continuing the business.  I hope to make much more with this business as word spreads of my service.  You can check out all I have to offer on our website and if you need service send an email to
  5. Handyman – My husband has always been a hard laborer, and whatever park we stay at he is always asked to help with something!  He has laid tile and carpeting, moved campers, hooked up HVAC units, hooked up stoves, and put skirting on RVS for the winter.  These kinds of services bring in extra money (our going out to eat money), and it’s a great way to make connections in the park as well!
  6. Blogging and Vlogging – Currently we have had our website up for a year now.  Through affiliate programs with Amazon, we’ve made approximately $40 to $50 a month with our blog.  Our goal this next year is to keep growing our following, which we have received immense help and information on doing with our digital library and mentoring program, and get into more affiliate programs.  We also hope to add some advertisement to our page, but are holding off at this moment because we like that look of our page without ads!  We’ve also started a vlog channel on YouTube, that we hope will eventually be allowed to have paid advertisements, which we would be able to make money from, but we are growing our following on there as well.

At this time, we are making enough money to keep us living this life on the road in our RV.  With many of these streams of income having just started off, we plan to make a lot more money in the future.  Through our branding of  RV Doing This and all we as a family have to offer, we don't see why we can't be full time RVers as long as we want.  While have multiple streams of income is vital to this nomadic lifestyle, budgeting and savings is also important.  Check back for more articles on how we budget and save!


I am a mother and stepmother, fierce slayer of mental illness, writer and traveler. I love the constant change of the road, and the experiences it brings our family.  We have learned so much being full-time RVers, and love the freedom this lifestyle gives us.