RV and Camping Etiquette

It is one o'clock in the morning, rain is steadily beating against your RV, and the night chill is blowing through your cracked windows as you try to keep the front windshield clear.  You are tired, and just want to get your RV parked at the campsite, and then hop into bed.  As you pull into the campground and find your site, you realize that you're going to have to jump out in the cold rain to remove the car dolly and back into your site, right between two other RVs, already dark due to the late hour.  You jump out, drive the car off the dolly, and then quickly back the RV into the site.  Your partner (if you have one) parks the car, and helps pull the dolly into your spot.  You hook the electric and water up as fast as possible, while the rain chills you to your bones, and then everyone runs inside, strips into their PJs and is off to meet the sandman. 

This is how we would (and have) handle this situation, and how I think most RVers/Campers would handle coming into a campsite late at night, in the pouring rain.  Last night I was proven wrong.  Greg and I were woken up at one o'clock to red brake lights shining through the cracks of our blinds, and the sound of an older RV engine backing up.  We sighed, but rolled over, figuring they would be done in a moment, especially if they follow the scenario in the previous paragraph.  For about twenty minutes we hear the constant back and forth of the RV, and the red brake lights flicker through the blinds like a warning beacon - warning of the storm of annoyance brewing in my brain.

I whisper to Greg, not wanting to wake up the three sleeping children we have in the RV, "Maybe you should offer to help them back it up?"  He grunts, clearly annoyed, but we give them a few more minutes.  When we finally think they are settled, we start to doze off, but then the sounds of banging outdoor cabinets begins, and bright lights begin to overpower the cracks in the blinds.  I sit up and start to stalk, peeking through the blinds to see what they are doing.  Three people are outside, talking, setting up camp - which means a bright drop light hanging from the RV's canopy they had just noisily hooked up, and the removal of all things from all cabinets.  An hour and a half later, they have their mat out, cooler and chairs set up, and whatever else they could think to take out in the middle of the night!

At one point I wanted to scream, "Please go to bed!", but instead I pulled the blinds up and just stared at them.  This didn't work, and Greg finally sat up, opened the window and held his head out, shooting death rays from his tired blue eyes.  One of them got caught in Greg's stare and they hurriedly shut off the light and headed inside as Greg grumbled not-so-sweet somethings their way.  We finally laid back down, my head hurting from being so annoyed at the inconsiderate campers next door, and dozed off for a few more hours.  We had to get up early to take our RV into the shop, so sleep was greatly missed last night.

Being only three months into this full time RVing life, am I being ridiculous in thinking these RVers were completely inconsiderate in setting up EVERYTHING in the middle of the night for over an hour?  Should the scenario in paragraph one be the proper thing to do - come in, hook up necessities and then go to bed, saving the trivial stuff for the next day?  Or is it completely okay to come into camp at one in the morning and take over an hour to set up EVERYTHING?  Is there a set of RV/Camping etiquette rules to follow?  This is our first time experiencing something like this and what opinions on how other RVers would handle this type of camper!

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