RV Doing This...

Yes, we are.  We have purchased a used C Class motor home and are getting ready to live in it full time (check out the About Us page for more information on the 'we).  We are going to cram into a 28' RV and set forth on the adventure of a life time!  Traveling from state to state, national park to national park, seeing what this great country has to offer us - and living outside of societal norms!  We only get one chance at this thing called life, and we've decided we are going to make it count!

Most people's reactions to this news have been all over the place.  From hostile - "Your son won't remember anything.  It's going to be too expensive." - to concern- "What about money?  What about your son?" - to excitement - "Oh, I'm so jealous!  I've always dreamed of doing something like that!  I'm so happy for you!".  But for us, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks or feels about our decision, we know it is what is right for our family and so we are doing it!

As we get ready to head out onto the road (in the next couple of weeks), we will keep you updated on our steps to get out on the road and what all it takes to switch to full time RV living.  We want to share this amazing experience (the good and the bad), so that more people can realize that there is more to life than living the 9 to 5, paycheck to paycheck, paying bills and drowning in debt kind of life.  There is more to this existence than buying the nicest house, and the newest cars, or falling into the trap of the newest fashion trends.  There is living to be done, freedom to be had and places to be seen!  Join us for this great adventure called life!  

RV doing this?  YES WE ARE!
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I am a mother and stepmother, fierce slayer of mental illness, writer and traveler. I love the constant change of the road, and the experiences it brings our family.  We have learned so much being full-time RVers, and love the freedom this lifestyle gives us.